I'm Anthony.

I am a Frontend Software Engineer with a strong passion for building web applications with great user experiences.
Here's more about me!

Here are some of my projects

  • BULK (WIP)

    React Native(Expo), React, Supabase

    Deliver SAAS product to gym trainers that allow them to onboard and manage their clients

  • Greenvibes

    React.js, Material UI, Node.js, Algorand

    Delivered a blockchain based application where users are enabled and incentivised to purchase products from merchant that have sustainable business supply chain and practices. These users can redeem crypto as a cashback reward to use for further purchases.

  • Delivery Tracker Project

    ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB

    There was no efficient way to track delivery status of warehoused goods to supermarkets. Issues raised when goods arrived not fit for sell such as bad temperatures. Designed a full-fledged web application store and warehouse can use to track deliveries. Utilized: React, JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Jest. MongoDB was utilized as cloud storage solution that traced stock for stores and warehouses

  • E-commerce Web Application

    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React

    Used React to design and develop a website application. • Uses React JS Hooks, to provide the web application with professional level functionality. Cross-compatible between browsers